May 28, 2015

A Gift from David Rockefeller, Sr.

Happy Birthday to my dear friend, David Rockefeller, Sr.

David has been a neighbor and friend of mine ever since I bought Skylands, my home in Seal Harbor, Maine. In fact, David came to welcome me to Mount Desert Island when I first moved to the area, and ever since, I’ve greatly valued his kindness and his friendship. We share many of the same interests, such as driving horse-drawn carriages. Take a look at this blog I first posted a few years ago from our carriage ride through Acadia National Park.

Last week, while I was in Maine, the Rockefeller family patriarch celebrated his upcoming 100th birthday by formally announcing his donation of one-thousand acres of woodlands, streams, and carriage roads to the Land & Garden Preserve of Mount Desert Island. The family property is part of Little Long Pond in Seal Harbor. During a brief presentation, David, Sr. described the transfer as a “gift to all the people of Maine” and added that he’s happy the land will be preserved for future generations.

I was honored to attend the gathering, and took several photos to share with you.

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