May 27, 2015

Planting the Terrace Containers at Skylands

The terraces at Skylands are brimming with plant life and color once again.

I spent this past weekend at my home in Maine to carry out my yearly task of planting all the large urns, pots and planters. It’s quite an undertaking, but I actually enjoy the time, especially with the group that accompanies me from year to year. Many of the tropical and exotic specimens are stored in a hoop house at my Bedford farm during winter, and then carefully loaded onto a trailer and delivered to Maine for the summer months. As soon as I get there, I design the layout of where things should go, and then my gardener, Ryan McCallister, and I, oversee all of the planting chores.

It was a lot to do in just a couple of days, but as you’ll see in these photos, we had a wonderful time.