May 15, 2015

Blooming Lilacs and Azaleas

The lilacs and azaleas are blooming...

When it comes to lilacs, many people think of the sweet, memorable fragrance of these abundant and colorful flower clusters. The common lilac, or Syringa vulgaris, is a hardy, easy to care for plant that has been part of the American landscape for centuries. Lilacs planted in 1650 on Michigan’s Mackinac Island are some of the oldest known lilacs in America. And, both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson planted them in their gardens.

The lilac hedges at my farm are blooming, and so are my azaleas. Azaleas are popularly referred to as the “royalty of the garden” - long adorned for their brightly colored flowers and evergreen foliage. Plant enthusiasts have selectively bred azaleas for years, producing thousands different cultivars.

Here are some photos of my azaleas and lilacs bursting with color this week…

[albumid2 id="AzaleasLilacs"]