May 14, 2015

New Shoes for my Horses

Two of the horses are enjoying their new shoes.
My young Fell pony, Ban Chunch, just started using his first pair of boots. Ban Chunch is currently unshod, meaning he does not wear traditional horseshoes, but now that he is carrying a saddle and rider, and working on different surfaces, he needs extra hoof support. My Friesians, and other shod horses, usually get new shoes every four to eight weeks. Horseshoes are generally made of metal, such as steel or aluminum. All horseshoes are designed to protect the horse’s hooves from wear, but they must be fitted properly in order to prevent other health and mobility issues from developing.
My farrier, Linda Friedman, has been tending to my horses’ shoe needs for many years. She is an expert in shoeing and trimming equine hooves, and she is very passionate about her work and the horses under her care. Recently, she came to the farm for one of her regular visits.
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