May 12, 2015

New Honey Bees at the Farm

My new honey bees are busy making honey and feeding their developing broods with nutrient and protein rich pollen.

This past weekend, D.J. Haverkamp from Bedford Bee Honeybee Service came to the farm to check on the new bee colonies delivered a couple weeks ago. From now through the summer months, DJ will visit periodically to make sure the hives are functioning properly. Honey bees are fascinating creatures, and are crucial to the health of our country’s U-S agricultural economy - approximately one-third of all the food Americans consume is derived from honey bee pollination. As honey bees gather pollen and nectar for their own survival, they also pollinate fruit and vegetable crops.

I’ve kept bees for many years, and this year’s new batch of Carniolan bees are doing extremely well. All the queen bees were located in their respective hives, meaning they were accepted by the worker and drone bees, and safely introduced into their colonies. I’m confident they will thrive and make lots of delicious honey this season.

Enjoy these photos...

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