September 18, 2015

A Garden Tour for the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon

Another fun walking tour through my gardens.

Yesterday, I opened my gardens to the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon, a non-profit volunteer organization of more than 24-hundred passionate gardeners dedicated to promoting hardy, herbaceous perennials through year-round interesting and educational activities. One of these was a six-day tour of the gardens in New York City and the Hudson River Valley, which included a visit to Cantitoe Corners, my farm in Bedford.

Before leaving for an event to promote my latest book, “Appetizers”, I stopped to meet the group and to welcome them to my home. My head gardener, Ryan McCallister, then led the tour. It was warm and somewhat humid, but still a wonderful day for a walk around my farm.

Enjoy these photos.

[albumid2 id="BobTour"]