September 17, 2015

A Tasting Menu by a 16-Year Old Aspiring Chef

If you’re in or around New York City, you can now eat a delicious tasting menu prepared by a 16-year old culinary prodigy.

His name is Flynn McGarry, and last weekend, he launched his pop-up, reservations-only restaurant, where he serves a 14-course dinner tasting menu three nights a week. Flynn, who has been dreaming of becoming a professional chef since he was 10-years old, developed the menu himself, which includes a popular signature dish made with foie gras.

I had the opportunity to watch Flynn at work. I enjoyed each and every one of his tasteful bites. He is, by all accounts, a charming, witty, teenager who enjoys spending time with friends, watching movies, and listening to music, but he is also very passionate about cooking, and about pursuing a culinary career. And so far, his pop-up is doing very well here in New York City - reservations are already booked through mid-October.

Enjoy these photos…

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