September 26, 2015

A Visit to Little Drunken Chef

Entrepreneur and chef Bonnie Saran’s line of “little” Westchester, New York eateries is growing. This summer, Bonnie opened her latest establishment called Little Drunken Chef, a restaurant offering an eclectic menu of tapas from various ethnic regions.

I love trying new restaurants, and learning what inspires its chefs to develop their varied menus. A few years ago, I discovered Bonnie’s first “little” Mount Kisco dream, Little Kabab Station, which serves delicious authentic Indian fare. And ever since, I've enjoyed her other culinary ventures - Little Spice Bazaar, a source for spices, teas, and energizing lassis, and Little Crêpe Street, a favorite spot for sweet and savory crepe creations… all just steps away from Little Drunken Chef.

This latest addition is Bonnie’s biggest space, and so far, its dinner service has been bustling with patrons, raving about its signature dishes served “four ways” to offer the best tasting versions of its most popular selections, such as Jamon + Manchego Croquetas and Falafel. If you’re in the area, I encourage you to stop by. Here are some photos from a recent visit.

[albumid2 id="DrunkenChef"]