September 28, 2015

Planting My Fall Garden

Take advantage of the cooler weather and plant a productive fall garden!

Last week, my gardeners, Ryan and Wilmer, began planting our fall crops in the vegetable garden. Succession planting, which is the practice of following one crop with another to maximize a garden’s yield, is an efficient use of gardening space and time. There are several ways to plant in succession. In the spring, I like to sow my bean seeds every week for about three weeks in order to get new mature crops regularly through the season. Another way is to plant a crop in the spring, and then after it’s harvested, plant another in the same space to ensure fresh produce in summer and up to late-fall. Succession planting is not difficult, but it is important to know what to grow, how long it takes for each variety to reach maturity, how much space is required, and whether or not the crop is truly cold-tolerant.

Here is what was planted for our late fall to early winter harvest.

[albumid2 id="SeedingVeggieGarden"]