October 17, 2015

Making My Favorite Pink Applesauce

Autumn is a great time for picking apples, and a great time for making applesauce!

One morning this week, before heading into my New York City office for a full day of meetings, I decided to make some delicious pink applesauce. I love pink applesauce - and I discovered how to make it purely by accident, while making a batch at Turkey Hill, my former home in Westport, Connecticut. I prepared my apples - skins on - and decided I wanted to make the sauce more tart, so I added lemon juice, and once they were cooked, I noticed the red of the skins had turned the flesh pink. I’ve been making pink applesauce ever since.

However, if you prefer white applesauce, just peel the skins off the apples first.

Enjoy these photos and have a wonderful fall weekend.

[albumid2 id="MakingApplesauce"]