November 9, 2015

MIT Media Lab 30th Anniversary Symposium

The Media Lab at the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology is 30!

Recently, I was invited to appear at MIT’s day-long symposium celebrating the institution’s anniversary. The event’s theme was “Mind, Magic & Mischief”, hosted by magicians and entertainers, Penn & Teller. It featured a roster of acclaimed speakers including White House chief technology officer, and MIT alumna, Megan Smith, former United Nations Secretary General and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Kofi Annan, and Steve Pinker, Harvard experimental psychologist and best-selling science author.

MIT Media Lab was founded in 1985 by Nicholas Negroponte and the late Jerome Weisner, a past MIT president. The lab is home to 24 cutting edge research groups working on more than 350-projects, which explore everything from robots to neurobiology. Its aim is to advance technology and develop innovative solutions that radically improve everyday life.

Here are some photos from this most enlightening symposium. Happy birthday, Media Lab - here’s to another 30-years!

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