November 17, 2015

Using a Steam Generator in My Garden

Like many of you, I care very much about our environment, and am always seeking better ways to practice wholesome, organic gardening.

Several years ago, I purchased a steam generator to use in my gardens. A steam generator made especially for agricultural applications provides a source of low pressure steam to disinfect and to sterilize the soil. Treating the soil with steam eliminates the need for harmful chemicals. Instead, the steam boils the weed roots and weed seeds, and kills any diseases and destructive insects. In turn, this process creates a better environment for root systems, plant growth and overall plant health.

I have been rotating the use of my steam generator between my farm at Bedford, and at Skylands, my home in Maine. It has proven very successful in both locations, and recently, I brought the generator back to New York to steam another garden before winter.

Here are some photos of this process.

[albumid2 id="SteamingSoil"]