December 8, 2015

A Holiday Gift Idea: Furniture Care Products from Christophe Pourny

If you’re looking for a special holiday gift for a family member or friend, be sure to stop by my American Made store at Amazon’s Handmade Marketplace - there's something for everyone there, including Christophe Pourny's wood and leather care products. Christophe is my favorite go-to source for furniture care. His line of specialty tonics, serums and soaps make it possible to polish, clean, restore, and shine nearly every surface and piece of furniture in the home.
Born and raised in Southern France, Christophe grew up in his parents' antiques shop, where he developed his passion for furniture. Following an apprenticeship in Paris, Christophe opened his own restoration studio in Brooklyn, New York, specializing in period finishes, antiques repair, and custom furniture production. Over the years, Christophe has worked extensively on the restoration of New York’s City Hall, Gracie Mansion, and the Holy See Mission to the United Nations.

Christophe is a master craftsman. He has appeared on my television shows, and his work has been featured in my magazines and on He and co-founder Jason Jobson, were also two of this year's American Made design finalists. I know you'll love all the Christophe Pourny products.

Enjoy these photos and gift ideas...

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