December 7, 2015

Enjoy and the New Apple iPad Pro

This post is in collaboration with Enjoy

As you know, I am very interested in technology - I enjoy testing new devices, and learning about new applications and features.

Not long ago, I tried Enjoy, a personal commerce platform that allows web-enabled consumers to purchase electronics and then meet with an Enjoy tech-savvy employee to deliver and review how a device works. At the time, Enjoy arranged for one of its experts to come by with my new cell phone. During a more recent visit, I sat with Enjoy’s Vicky Tzannetis, to go over the Apple iPad Pro that Enjoy provided to me via AT&T. Although I am very familiar with how many devices work, it was nice to have an Enjoy expert nearby to address any questions or concerns.

Here are some photos, and a short video.

[albumid2 id="MSiPadPics"]