December 30, 2015

Holiday Memories: Part of Our Florida Holiday



Please enjoy this encore post - a very fond memory of a holiday trip taken a few years ago. It was originally posted on January 04, 2013!

I spent a quiet Christmas in the Florida Keys. Joining me was my daughter, Alexis, my grandchildren Jude and Truman, and our friend, Kevin Sharkey. As it turned out, where we stayed, Pines and Palms in Islamorada, is a very good place for a family vacation. It was a very comfortable bungalow and having a functional kitchen to prepare meals made things quite easy with the little ones. We did venture one day to the southernmost point in the continental United States. Key West is just 90-miles from Cuba compared to 150-miles to Miami. The drive through the Keys is quite lovely and there is much to take in.

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