March 1, 2016

Francesca Gets Acupuncture

Once a week, my French Bulldog, Francesca, gets a visit from veterinarian Dr. Emily Harrison, who is trained in canine and equine acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and herbal therapies. Francesca is under her care for overall wellness, but also for immune and endocrine system support now that she is getting a little older.

Acupuncture works by restoring the "energy flow" known as qi, (pronounced CHEE), which moves along meridians, or channels, around the body. During treatments, small needles are used to alleviate blockages of qi that could cause pain, discomfort or poorly functioning organs. Acupuncture is a cumulative process, and every dog’s response to therapy varies. Francesca appears to enjoy her sessions, and always feels very relaxed after every appointment. Here are some photos...

[albumid2 id="FrancescaAcuFeb29"]