May 19, 2016

Preparing the Tennis Court for the Season

One of my favorite warm weather sports is tennis - I love watching matches, and I attend the U.S. Open every year. I also try to play as often as my busy schedule allows. After purchasing my Bedford, New York farm, I had a Har-Tru tennis court installed. I am fortunate to have a court right here at home, where my grandchildren, Jude and Truman, can learn to play and enjoy this wonderful game.

Yesterday, our friends from Oval Tennis came by to prepare the court for the season. Oval Tennis, Inc. was founded in 1971 and is a three-generation family owned and operated business. The company specializes in tennis court construction and maintenance. And, while many services can be done by newer, faster machinery, Oval Tennis teams are trained to set-up and prepare courts by hand - an interesting process that takes a four-person crew about two to three hours to complete. Here are some photos - enjoy.

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