July 14, 2016

A Trip to the Galápagos, Part Two

There is so much to see in the spectacular Galápagos Islands.

During my recent trip with my daughter, Alexis, and her children, Jude and Truman, we spent seven-days aboard the Galapagos cruise ship, M/V Evolution, to visit various parts of the archipelago. Each day we toured a different island - and every one of them had the most beautiful landscapes, beaches, and wildlife. My grandchildren swam and snorkeled, talked to the blue-footed boobies, and stood feet away from playful sea lions. This visit was very different from my last trip to the Galápagos, 20-years ago - I definitely remember more animals and more plants - but still, it was a most wonderful and special time for us all.

Enjoy these photos.

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