July 20, 2016

Our Summer Interns 2016

This year's summer interns are here!

Every summer we welcome a group of college students into our company's internship program. For eight-weeks, these young and energetic interns are placed in various divisions covering areas such as fashion, product development, and marketing. Managed by our Human Resources department, the program aims to foster creativity, team work, and camaraderie among its students through mentoring and hands-on experience.

Last week, I hosted a luncheon and table discussion for our group of interns. It was a great way to explain how the company started, how it has evolved over the years, and how much we have accomplished. I also invited the group to join me for a Facebook LIVE “crafter-noon” event. This was my first Facebook LIVE show with interns! We all had a wonderful time personalizing mugs and clipboards. Here are some photos - enjoy…

And, be sure to join me LIVE this morning at 10am ET for my next Facebook show - I'll be giving a tour of my Bedford farm flower garden and showing how to pick and store fresh blueberries from my own patch. Send in your questions, and I will be sure to answer them too - just click on this link to my "Facebook Blueberry chat".

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