July 19, 2016

Another Look at The Extraordinary Galápagos Islands

During our week-long excursion aboard the Galapagos cruise ship, M/V Evolution, we got to know some of our 29-fellow travelers, including a lovely couple from Los Angeles, California - Forrest Parker, and his wife, Katherine Young. The two planned their journey, last-minute, to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary and Forrest’s birthday. It was their first visit to the archipelago. As avid nature-lovers, they were amazed with all the plant life, the rock formations, and of course, the Galapagos animals - both on-land and at sea. According to Katherine, this trip was their chance to visit the best of both worlds.

After the trip, Forrest sent me a gallery of some of their photographs. They’re so beautiful, I wanted to share a selection of them with you. Enjoy.

[albumid2 id="6308703088024399937"]