August 27, 2016

A Guest Blog from Gabe on His Vacation to the Galápagos

During this year’s summer excursion to the Galápagos with my daughter and grandchildren, we met a lot of fun and interesting people, including 11-year old Gabe. Gabe was also visiting the Islands with his family, and like myself, is an avid photographer. Here is a selection of his favorite photos and thoughts from the trip.

My summer vacation in the Galápagos was very exciting. We spent about two-weeks on a boat, and it just happened to be the same one as Martha Stewart! I was glad to become friends with her grandchildren, Jude and Truman, and their friend, Max.

I enjoyed all the activities, especially walking on the Islands and taking pictures of the many landscapes and wild animals. I loved visiting the "Chinese Hat", a tiny island just off the southeastern tip of Santiago Island - it got its name because it has the shape of a down-facing Chinese hat. Most of the animals were easy to photograph. Sometimes the sea lions got a little aggressive, but they were still my favorite animals to visit, along with the green sea turtles.

I took a lot of photographs - these are just some of my favorites. Enjoy.