April 11, 2017

Where's Peluche?

So many of you are asking about my Chow Chow, Peluche - where is she? And, how is she doing?

I am happy to report Peluche is back at the farm and doing just fine. She has been in Pennsylvania at the home of my longtime breeder, Karen Tracy, owner of Pazzazz Chows. Last winter, Peluche was bred to Karen’s champion four-year-old dog, Liontamer Pazzazz If You Got It Flaunt It, also known as “Yoshi”. And, on February 10th, Peluche whelped four healthy puppies - two boys and two girls.

Over the weekend, Karen brought the puppies up for a visit. All of them are so very beautiful, alert and friendly. I decided to keep one - the smallest of the litter - you will adore her. Here are some photos.