May 18, 2017

Fruit Trees from Fedco

My giant tree planting project at the farm continues with more than a hundred wonderful fruit trees.

This season, we’ve potted and planted thousands of trees - deciduous, evergreen, weeping, trees that flower, and trees with bold, colorful foliage. This year, I also decided to create a new orchard - one filled with a variety of apple trees, plum trees, cherry trees, peach, pear and quince trees. I ordered one collection of bare-root cuttings from Fedco, a cooperative-run company located in Clinton, Maine, that specializes in seeds, tubers, trees, and bulbs. Once they arrived, my outdoor grounds crew went to work - potting them up in individual containers, where they will remain until they’re transplanted into the ground.

Fresh fruit is one of nature's most delicious products - I can’t wait to share images of my new orchard with you. Here are some of the trees we'll be planting - enjoy.