July 19, 2017

Harvesting the Season's Peas

This time of year is always exciting at the farm because there’s so much to harvest in the gardens.

Down at my vegetable garden, both the shelling and the snap peas are ready for picking. If you recall, we planted many varieties last April, including ‘Maxigolt’, ‘Premium’, ‘Sienna’, 'Royal Snow’, 'Avalanche’, 'Oregon Giant', 'Green Arrow’, 'Amish’, 'Sugar Ann Og', and 'Super Sugar Snap’. It’s important to plant peas as soon as possible in spring in order to get a bountiful harvest come summer. I am very happy to share - our pea plants have been extremely prolific this season. My housekeepers, Laura and Sanu, harvested a lot of them not too long ago.

Here are some photos - enjoy.