July 29, 2017

Magrino Agency Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

It’s been a very busy time for parties and celebrations!

Earlier this week, I attended the 25th anniversary celebration of the Magrino Agency, the public relations firm co-founded by my publicist and dear friend, Susan Magrino. Susan and her hard-working team manage a very impressive list of clients. I have worked with Susan and the Magrino Agency since the beginning of my entrepreneurial career. In fact, I have been with them since day one as the agency's longest running client. We’ve had so much fun working together - I certainly appreciate all that they’ve done for me over the years.

The event was held on one of the highest floors of Rockefeller Center, with stunning views of New York City. Susan and her sister, co-founder and President, Allyn Magrino, invited more than 300-guests, including clients, members of the media, and business innovators - it was a very special and memorable affair. Enjoy these photos. And, if you missed the Facebook LIVE broadcast I hosted from the celebration, just click on this highlighted link to watch it