July 28, 2017

A Surprise Party at Lily Pond

So many of you have shared how excited you are to see these photos of the party I hosted at my home in East Hampton - it was a huge success.

The party was for my dear friends, Ben and Bonnie, who were celebrating a milestone birthday. Their grandson, Will, and I, planned a wonderful outdoor gathering at Lily Pond. Our menu included a mouthwatering buffet of summer favorites - grilled steaks, squab, shrimp, and lamb chops, plus tomatoes provencale, dilled-cabbage-and-cucumber slaw, and potato salad. And finally for dessert - delectable lemon meringue cake with homemade buttermilk sorbet. To top it off, we also added a special live band performance.

It was such a fun and memorable evening - most especially for Ben and Bonnie. Enjoy these photos.