July 27, 2017

Preparing Lily Pond for a Special Surprise Party

As you all know, I love to entertain, but it’s even more exciting when I host surprise parties for dear friends.

Last weekend, I hosted a very special party at Lily Pond, my home in East Hampton, New York. My friends, Ben and Bonnie, celebrated a milestone birthday, and their grandson, Will, asked if we could hold the party at my home. I was thrilled with the idea, so we prepared a wonderful gathering for their family and friends. I wanted the decorations to be very special, so we set up a long dining table adorned with pretty shells and candles, illuminated the entire area with hundreds of tiny string lights, and brought lots of glorious, fragrant flowers from my Bedford farm.

Enjoy these photos of our preparations, and be sure to check back again tomorrow for my blog about the party - it was so much fun!