August 4, 2017

A Delivery from Back on Track for My Horses

As you know, I love to go out for rides on my handsome horses. Currently, I have nine residents in my stable - five Friesians, a Fell pony, and three Sicilian donkeys. Caring for equids is a huge responsibility, but it brings me great joy to see that they are happy and in the best possible health.

To keep the horses in great riding condition, my stable manager, Sarah Levins, and I, are always on the lookout for quality equipment and supplies. One of our favorite sources is Back on Track based in Uppsala, Sweden, with retail sales distributors around the world. Back on Track uses a special "ceramic textile", made from polyester and polypropylene fibers, that allows its fabrics to reflect body heat in the form of infrared heat radiation. Their products are great for warming-up the horses before rides, and for use as therapeutic aids during stall rests and turnouts.

Here are some photos - enjoy.