August 5, 2017

My Chickens and Their Eggs

As many of you know, I’ve long enjoyed raising chickens. I began raising chickens many years ago, primarily for their eggs, but I’ve also grown fond of caring for them, and learning about their many different breeds and varieties.

At the farm, I have four coops. Everyone loves visiting the chicken yard to see all the happy birds roaming in their large and enclosed space, well-protected from predators. My coops are located near my vegetable gardens, where during the non-growing season, the chickens are free to fertilize the soil - making those areas even better for planting. Chickens are not difficult to keep, but it does take time, commitment and a good understanding of animal husbandry to do it well. And in return, I get enough fresh and nutritious eggs to feed my family for the entire year.

Here are photos of some of my beautiful chickens and the process I use for packaging their eggs to give away. You will love the charming cartons I get from Enjoy.