August 25, 2017

Blog Memories: Great Food at Skylands

Warm-weather dining calls for tasty meals made with summer’s bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden, delicious juicy meats grilled to perfection, and light refreshing desserts. We're continuing with a selection of encore blog postings this week. This blog was originally published on August 20th, 2015. Enjoy.

Having friends and many dinner guests at Skylands requires a great deal of advance menu and meal planning as well as lots of grocery shopping, picking from the garden, and lugging produce and eggs and berries from my Bedford Farm to Mount Desert Island. We fill coolers with carefully washed produce and make sure everything gets to Maine before I arrive. I am so lucky that the house is equipped with a great wall of giant old-fashioned but perfectly functioning refrigerators to accommodate all the food.

Meals are decided upon, and table settings planned. Generally I have Pierre or Thomas accompany us, so there is a “professional” to mastermind the cooking. There are at least 15 or 20 for each meal- and it is truly a feat to see the delicious food that is prepared carefully and attentively. The past three weeks we cooked for vegetarians, gluten intolerants, Kosher observants, and many omnivores.

Thanks to the cooks, my daughter Alexis, and the ladies who take such great care of my home- Gretchen and Cheryl, and Mary who sang while she washed dishes and pots and pans! And thanks to Heather who helped organize the shopping and lists, and thanks to the guests who also chipped in- Geoffrey Zakarian, in particular!

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