October 6, 2017

Celebrating the New Season of "Martha Bakes" on PBS

I’m so excited - the eighth season of my television series, "Martha Bakes" premieres this weekend on PBS!

I love “Martha Bakes” - it’s a show where I get to share my best baking tips and techniques for making all your favorite baked goods right at home. For this new season, I'll explore the modern baking pantry - full of ingredients that are fun to try, healthier to eat, and more available than ever. “Martha Bakes” was taped in our kitchen set at our historic Starrett Lehigh headquarters. It is one of the many Martha Stewart Living kitchen designs you’ll find exclusively at The Home Depot. The show is taped over the course of several days, and we invite experts to join me and to share their baking expertise and advice with the audience. 

Here’s a sneak peek at the guests that will be sharing their specialties on "Martha Bakes" and some of the many wonderful dishes I'll be making. Be sure to watch “Martha Bakes” this weekend on PBS - check your local listings for show times in your area.