October 24, 2017

Moving Tropical Plants Indoors

Cold weather preparations are in full swing in my greenhouses.

As many of you know, I have quite a large collection of warm weather plants at my farm, including citrus trees and other tropical specimens. Because I live in a four-season region, during colder months, it’s vital these plants move indoors, where the temperature and humidity levels can be controlled. Plants that spent the summer at Skylands, my home in Maine, or at Lily Pond in East Hampton, were all brought back to Bedford for storage. Most of them are kept in one of two hoop houses designated specifically for these warm weather plants. They are all thriving, and have grown quite well in the last year - some grew too big for their pots, and needed to be removed, trimmed, and repotted into slightly larger containers. It’s a tedious process to put all these container plants away, but a very important one that keeps all my plants healthy.

Enjoy these photos.