January 16, 2018

Keeping My Chickens Warm at the Farm

Today is expected to bring more flurries and frigid temperatures here to the Northeast.

At my Bedford, New York farm, my outdoor grounds crew checks the animals several times a day to make sure they are all warm in their stalls, coops and enclosures. When it comes to my chickens, I have four coops that house about two-hundred fowl - a variety of chickens, turkeys, two Pomeranian geese and a handful of Guinea hens. From the moment they arrive, I make sure they are housed properly, fed all the best, most nutritious foods, and have enough room to roam and range happily in their pen. This winter, I also wanted to develop a more efficient way to keep them safe and warm without overcrowding their coops with too many supplies. 

Here are some photos - enjoy.