April 19, 2018

An Update on My Peachick

So many of you comment on how much you enjoy hearing about the animals at my farm, especially when I show photos of the babies.

Earlier this month on my Instagram page @MarthaStewart48, I shared images of a peachick hatching from its shell in my poultry incubator. I kept the peachick in my kitchen for a couple weeks where it could be closely monitored until it was big enough to join my flock of baby chickens in the coop. One of my Instagram followers suggested I put a small chick in with the baby peafowl to keep it company, so we did. I am happy to report that the peep and the peachick are now best of friends and doing very well. 

Enjoy these photos, and be sure to follow me on Instagram @MarthaStewart48 for other fun pictures.