May 10, 2018

New Perches for My Peafowl

My flock of peafowl is growing and thriving here at my Bedford, New York farm. I now have nine of these magnificent birds including a month-old peachick I hatched in a specially made incubator.

All my adult peacocks and peahens live in a very safe and comfortable pen near my stable, where they get lots of attention from visiting friends and family. Peafowl can add an exotic element to any farm, but caring for them is a huge responsibility. Not only do they need high quality food and ample exercise, but birds must also have a safe place to roost - they like to be up high to see what is around them and to escape from predators if needed.

All my outdoor birds have access to natural perches made from felled or damaged trees here at the farm. Recently, I had two trees moved and "planted" near the peafowl coops. Enjoy these photos.