May 17, 2018

Two New Meals from Martha & Marley Spoon

I just love Martha & Marley Spoon, our time-saving meal-kit delivery service featuring so many of our delicious recipes and cooking ideas. After a busy day at work, it’s nice to know we can go home and prepare a beautiful and healthy dinner without the added stress of shopping for the ingredients.

Yesterday, while I was out of town for business meetings, I asked my executive assistant, Shqipe Berisha Lulanaj, to test two new Martha & Marley Spoon meal kits - Fried Chicken on a Biscuit with Pepper Honey & Cabbage Slaw and Asian Steak Salad with Charred Onions & Mint. Shqipe, who is newly married, enjoys trying new recipes and was glad to take on the task.  

Both these recipes will be available for the week of June 11 - just click on any of the highlighted links to find out how to order. Enjoy these photos.