June 23, 2018

A June Garden Tour at My Farm

June garden tours are well underway at my farm.

Occasionally, I agree to open my gardens for private walking tours. Most of them are conducted in the spring and early summer. Yesterday, we welcomed a group from the Aperture Foundation and some of its dedicated supporters. Aperture is a multi-platform publisher and center for the photo community. Founded in 1952 as a not-for-profit arts institution, Aperture looks to connect photographers and their audiences with each other - in print, in person and online.

I was very happy to have these guests at my farm. And fortunately, I was able to guide the tour myself before leaving for another business trip in the early afternoon. We walked through my gardens and allées, stopped to see the pool and fruit orchard, and visited my horses, chickens and peafowl. Here are some photos - enjoy.