August 22, 2018

A Visit to Lunaform

I have a large number of pots for my growing collection of rare and exotic plants. I love seeing unique container styles especially when they’re from Lunaform, a pottery studio in West Sullivan, Maine.

During my recent stay at Skylands, my home in Seal Harbor, I took some time to visit Lunaform, and to see some of its latest creations. Lunaform was founded by Phid Lawless and Dan Farrenkopf in 1992. Phid, Dan, and their very talented team, create elegant, all-weather garden containers that are hand-built with steel-reinforced concrete and turned on a potter’s wheel. Each piece is artfully designed and crafted. I have purchased several Lunaform vessels over the years for Skylands and for my Bedford, New York farm - and I love them all.

Enjoy these photos. This is the first of several blogs I will be posting on this summer's trip to Maine, so stay tuned.