September 5, 2018

A Visit to Woodbury, Connecticut

If you’re ever in or around western Connecticut and love visiting small, charming towns or shopping for antiques, I encourage you to make a stop in the quaint hamlet of Woodbury.

Nestled in the foothills of Litchfield County, Woodbury is known as the “Antiques Capital of Connecticut.” This reputation was established more than 50-years ago when antiques dealers began setting up shops in the historic homes along Main Street. Now the area has more than 35 antiques stores featuring some of the best in period furniture, decor, and art. Woodbury is also filled with beautiful churches and inns, and excellent restaurants and cafes. I've been to Woodbury many times and have always enjoyed my visits there - I know you will too.     

Enjoy these photos and go to the Woodbury Antiques Dealers Association web site for more information.