September 6, 2018

Replacing Glass in the Doors of My Vegetable Greenhouse

As many of you know, deer can quickly decimate trees and shrubs, and greatly damage vegetable and flower gardens. My entire farm is enclosed with tall deer fencing, but on rare occasions, one will find a way through an opened gate or gap in the barrier netting.

Earlier this season, a curious doe wandered onto the farm and founds its way into my vegetable greenhouse - an expansive glass house used primarily for growing fresh produce during colder months. The deer was not inside long, but unfortunately, in an effort to find a suitable exit, she did kick and break the panes of two glass doors. Last week, these doors were repaired by a team from Kuritzky Glass Company, Inc., a family owned and operated business in nearby Mt. Kisco, New York. 

Here are some photos of the process. And don't worry, the deer was not hurt - she quickly ran away and is now off the property.