March 18, 2019

My New Lifestyles Collections on Facebook LIVE

Be sure to tune in today at 4:30pm ET for a special Facebook LIVE showcasing my newest Lifestyles Collections inspired by my very own homes - Bedford, Skylands, Lily Pond and my apartment in New York City.

I am so excited to share all these great offerings with you. Everything is designed to provide you with the most functional and stylish solutions for everyday living. From durable and decorative furniture and entertaining pieces to gardening tools and supplies to my favorite cooking gadgets and other essentials - it’s all thoughtfully and carefully created to help you live well in any season, and in any location - plus we’re adding more products all the time! On today’s show, Kevin Sharkey and I will also show you how to incorporate these items into your home and answer questions sent in online. It’s going to be lots of fun!

Our entire team has been working very hard - enjoy these photos and the behind-the-scenes look at our preparations.