March 16, 2019

Visiting Hudson Yards New York

New York City’s newest neighborhood development is now open - Hudson Yards!

I am so excited that this newly developed area is just blocks away from our executive offices at the historic Starrett Lehigh Building. Yesterday, I attended the launch of this west side complex, and climbed up Vessel, a maze-like vertical structure and urban landmark right in the center of the plaza. Built over a 28-acre active rail yard, Hudson Yards is the largest private real estate development in the history of the United States. The site includes more than 18-million square feet of commercial and residential space, more than 100 shops and restaurants, a performing arts center called The Shed, 14-acres of open space and gardens, and spectacular views of the river and skyline. It is definitely a place to visit the next time you’re in Manhattan.

Enjoy these photos.