April 11, 2019

A Field of Young Trees

Our annual tree potting and planting project continues at my Bedford, New York farm.

Trees are very important to our environment - they help combat climate change, provide habitat and food for birds and other animals, and release oxygen for us to live. In fact, in one year, an acre of mature trees can provide enough oxygen for 18-people. Many of the trees I order each spring are bare-root cuttings, which are plants that are removed from the earth while dormant and stored without any soil surrounding their roots. Three years ago, we planted a collection of bare-root stock in a back-field near my growing Christmas trees. Some of them were only two to three feet tall when they arrived, but now they’re more than double in size. I am so happy with how they’ve developed and can’t wait to transplant them in their new and more permanent locations.

Enjoy these photos.