September 10, 2019

Cutting and Drying My Hayfields

Here in the Northeast we have cloudy skies, but temperatures are expected to be in the 70s over the next couple of days - hopefully just right for drying and baling hay.

When I moved to my farm in Bedford, New York, I designated three separate areas as hayfields and planted them with a mixture of timothy, orchard grass, Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass, and clovers - all great for producing quality hay. Last year, I had the areas treated with agricultural lime - a soil additive made from pulverized limestone or chalk that works to correct the acidity of the soil, eradicate any noxious weeds, and raise the overall health of the land. This past weekend, we cut the hayfields and then tossed the grass to begin the crucial drying process in preparation for baling the hay later this week.

If you follow my Instagram page @MarthaStewart48, you may have seen some of the photos - here are a few more, enjoy.