September 11, 2019

Planting in the Tenant House Garden

The gardens at my Bedford, New York farm continue to evolve and thrive.

The area behind my Tenant House, where my daughter and grandchildren stay when they visit, is filled with shade-loving plants. If you follow my blog regularly, you may recall our giant tree removal project earlier this year when I had several trees taken down from the area - six 125-foot trees were leaning dangerously close to the structure and had to be removed for safety reasons. The garden looked very pretty without the trees, but the plantings below still needed adequate shade to thrive. Last spring, we planted two 10 to 12-foot Japanese maples in the space, which will grow beautifully in time. And this week, my gardeners added and moved various plants to this space including alchemilla, columbine, hellebores, and thalictrum. I am so pleased with how this garden is developing.

Here are some photos - enjoy.