September 24, 2019

Fall Cleaning in the Peafowl Coop

This is only the second day of autumn, but fall cleanup chores are already underway around my Bedford, New York farm.

Over the last few days, with evening temperatures now dipping into the 50s, my outdoor grounds crew has been busy washing the farming equipment, putting away unneeded hoses and sprinklers, and starting the tedious task of storing some of my tropical citrus trees indoors - it won’t be long before that first frost hits the area. Recently, the crew also tackled the peafowl coop - cleaning it from top to bottom. I now have 16 peacocks and peahens, including several peachicks - incubated and hatched right in my kitchen. All the peafowl reside in a large enclosure not far from my stable, where they get lots of attention from visiting friends and family.

It’s always a joy to see my peafowl growing and thriving - they are so curious and friendly. Enjoy these photos.