October 5, 2019

Creating a New Allee at My Farm

I love planting allées of trees - they look so beautiful and dramatic along the carriage roads around my Bedford, New York farm.

In landscaping, an allée, or an avenue, is traditionally a straight path or road with a line of trees or large shrubs running along each side. In most cases, the trees planted are the same species or cultivar, so as to give a uniform appearance along the full length of the allée. Over the years I’ve designed several, including my majestic allée of pin oaks near my Equipment Barn, my linden tree allée near the stable, and my allée of Styrax leading to my tennis court. Recently, I decided to create another allée along the lower hayfield road leading to the woodlands - this one with beautiful London planes, Platanus × acerifolia. Last week, my outdoor grounds crew worked hard to get the area prepared and planted.

Here are some photos of this multiple-day project, enjoy.