October 30, 2019

Planting An Allee of Pin Oaks

It’s no secret how much I love planting trees, and because I also feel strongly about reforestation and giving back to the earth, the more trees planted, the better.

This year’s large tree-planting project continues at my Bedford, New York farm with a group of young, healthy pin oak trees, Quercus palustris. My gardeners and outdoor grounds crew are working very hard to plant as many saplings as possible before the ground freezes. For this latest project, I decided to create an allee of pin oaks along the carriage road just past my Christmas tree field heading to what I call my “Contemporary House”. The pin oak is a medium-sized deciduous oak of the red oak group that typically grows to about 50 to 70 feet tall with a broad pyramidal crown. The foliage hangs from thick, dense branches and looks quite majestic when mature. In time, I know these young pin oaks will look just as beautiful as my existing pin oaks by my Equipment Barn.

Here are some photos.