October 29, 2019

Planting Daffodil Bulbs at the Farm

It’s time to start planting all those spring-blooming bulbs!

Every autumn here at my Bedford, New York farm, we plant thousands and thousands of bulbs. This year, I decided to fill an area behind one side of my Linden Allee with daffodils, extending my long border of these beautiful spring-blooming flowers. Many of this season’s bulbs are from Colorblends Flower Bulbs - a third-generation wholesale flower merchant in nearby Bridgeport, Connecticut. Planting these bulbs can be a very labor-intensive task, but I love this process. I always find it exciting to plant bulbs in the fall that you won't see for many months to come - it's such a wonderful surprise of color when they bloom in spring.

Here are some photos, enjoy.