November 25, 2019

A Fall Gardeners Dinner at My Farm

Autumn entertaining continues at my Bedford, New York farm with a lovely dinner for friends and colleagues passionate about gardening.

I always enjoy hosting gatherings at my home. Last week, my friend, Chef Pierre Schaedelin, from PS Tailored Events, and I, planned a delicious menu for 19-guests. We served pot-au-feu, one of my favorite French comfort dishes - this one garnished with seasonal vegetables grown right here in my garden. We also prepared red and yellow endive salad with Roquefort and crushed Sicilian pistachios. And, for dessert, homemade quince sorbet and quince ice cream with brown butter shortbread cookies. Preparations began very early in the morning - there is always so much to do, including setting the dining table, decorating the rooms with houseplants, and of course, cooking all the wonderful foods.

Enjoy these photos…